As lovers of Air Jordan Shoes, we keep close eye on the updates on it. Whenever there is any kind of news or rumor about release of Air Jordan Shoes, we will come up with it clear and get one of them. Unfortunately, there are so many replicas or even fakes that some times we do not got what we possess paid for. Therefore it is essential for us to know how to distinguish them from replicas. Taking Jordans Retro for example, there are many ways available.

Suggestion 1 - Interest for price
Generally speaking, price is not a extremely important factors since there is merely a minus difference.However, if the price is very low, you should be cautious as all newest released Nike air jordan Shoes have a regular official price. There is almost no possibility for you to get a pair of all of them at a very low price. The price of Air Jordan Vintage is about $340, so if a few on-line shop is promoting them at no more than $300, you must be very cautious.
Tip 2 -- Attention for containers and accessories
This area of Jordan Footwear is well-printed and made from good materials. And they're hard and can not be formed easily and naturally. As for accessories, the actual authentic Air Jordan Retro is superior when it comes to elasticity and gentleness while the replicas tend to be disappointing.
Tip Three - Attention for insole
Insole is one of the most important manners for distinguishing replicas and authentic ones. Usually, the letters on the insole are clear as well as concave-convex. In addition, every Nike air jordan Shoes has its unique insole. Air Jordan a... Retro has maintained the characteristics of Jordans in terms of insole.
Tip 4 - Interest for odor
It is well-known that the moment a person pen the box associated with Air Jordan shoes, there will be a strong and clean flavor which is unique to Air Jordan Shoes. The reason is that Jordan Footwear has employed special glues. This is especially true when you buy the newest launched Nike Jordan Shoes, because the newest release always have special glue odor while the replicas have a quite different smell as a result of different glue. Nike is also proud of it.
Tip 5 - Attention for sensation
For those who wear The nike jordan retro shoes frequently, the feeling is very effective for you to describe the main difference. Generally speaking, the genuine Air Jordan Shoes are comfortable and soft. The moment you fit you, you can differentiate between them.
Tip 6 - Attention for "style code"
It's well-known that Nike Company has their unique "style code" standard. Take Nike SUPREMACY released in 2002 for example:
Its source place: made in the far east means the shoes come in China rather than somewhere else.
Its production day 021202 means it was produced in 12/02/2002
Factory No: LN3 means the shoes were made within this factory. 
The style No. composed of 9 digits is the key to distinguish genuine from fakes.
Take the style No. 305522-101 for instance. We can separate the actual 9 digits in to sections. The first section is 305522 and the other is 101. As for the first section, just about all style No. associated with Nike Series begins with Three and the remaining Five digits represent the series which the footwear belong to. All your attention, the "Style Code" of the first shoes is 02001 instead of 00001. The other section, consisted of 3 digits, consists of information of colourways.
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